Lots of reasons may cause contacts on your iPhone lost or deleted, like iOS update, iPhone damaged, accidental deletion, factory resetting, jailbreak and so on. Unfortunately, if you come across any situation above and lose your contacts on your iPhone, you may ask, is there a way to recover deleted contacts from iPhone without iTunes backup? The answer is absolutely yes. Just follow our method below to recover deleted contacts from iPhone.

Before restoring from iCloud, you’d better check if the deleted contacts are still visible. Firstly, login to with your Apple ID and password. Then, click on the Contacts, and search your contacts to check if they are there. If “Yes”, you can begin to recover now.

Do you know what iCloud back up?

Step 1. Go to Setting > iCloud on the iPhone.

Step 2. Turn off Contacts if it’s turned on.

Step 3. Select “Keep on My iPhone” in the popup message.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.45.26 AM

Step 4. Then, turn on Contacts again and tap “Merge”.

Wait for a while, you’ll see deleted contacts back on your iPhone. If you still can’t find your deleted contacts on your iPhone, you can delete your iCloud account and re-login your iCloud account with Apple ID and password. Then redo above steps and those deleted contacts should be back.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.15.04 AM

Moreover, you can make a .vcf contact copy so that you’ll have a solid backup of your contacts. You can open it on your computer, or send this .vcf file as email and open it on your iPhone to get them back on your Contacts.         

After you login in, click Contacts. On the bottom left, you will see the setting icon, click it and press “Export vCard”. And the .vcf contacts file has already on your computer. In order that you have a list of complete Contacts, we suggest you to do this once in a month.

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