Graphing Calculator (also known as NuCalc) is the name of a computer software tool, made by the company Pacific Tech, capable of performing many graphing calculator functions. It can graph inequalites and vector , as well as functions in two, three, or four dimensions. It supports several different coordinate , and can solve equations. It is available for Mac OS (under the name "Graphing Calculator") and Microsoft Windows.


The Graphing Calculator 1.0 software has been bundled for free on all Power Macintosh computers since its introduction in 1994. This means that it was shipped on more than 20 million machines, and is the most familiar version of the program. They also made a version for older 680x0 Macintosh computers called NuCalc 1.0.

Later models of Power Macintosh computers included newer versions of the Graphing Calculator program. The latest free version available on the website is Graphing Calculator 1.4. However, these versions lacked some of the features of the original version 1.0 program; and included a lot of promotion for the more advanced, commercial version of the software, much like a demo. The latest commercial version is Graphing Calculator 3. Later, a commercial version for Windows was also made (again renamed NuCalc), although there is no free version for Windows.

A variant of an application similar to Graphing Calculator was restored in Mac OS X with Mac OS X 10.4: this application is called Grapher.

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