Folder Protection is a feature designed to protect the System Folder or Applications Folder from modification or accidential deletion. This feature alters code in the software or the Mac OS and does not affect the hardware.

Folder Protection is controlled by the General Controls control panel. If you turn on folder protection for a folder, a big, grey/black lock icon appears.


If Folder Protection Won't Work

Under System 7.5, File Sharing turned on will defeat Folder Protection. The moment File Sharing is on, the options in the General Controls control panel are dimmed, becoming unavailable. (This happens automatically). File Sharing and Folder Protection cannot be used simultaneously.

Under Mac OS 7.5.3, a folder for which protection is turned on cannot be renamed.

With Mac OS 8.0 and Mac OS 8.1 (and subsequent versions of Mac OS 8), a protected folder can be renamed. However, under Mac OS 8.5 and Mac OS 8.6, the Applications Folder will be locked during Mac OS installation.

This option has been removed beginning with Mac OS 9. It is now found under the Multiple Users control panel.

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