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The Date & Time control panel appeared on Macintosh computers starting with System 7.1. The options were gradually expanded beginning with System 7.5. Under Mac OS X, much of this control panel was migrated to the Date & Time pane of System Preferences

System 7.1

Only the date and time panes of the control panel (the top half of the System 7.5 version) appeared. They enabled the user not only to set the date and time, but to control how they are displayed. (For example, a North American user may choose to display today's date as April 24, 2017, whereas a shopkeeper in the British Isles may well prefer 24 April 2017, and a Beijinger prefer 2017-04-24.) These options are set in dialogue boxes which appear separately when the user clicks on Date Formats... or Time Formats....

System 7.5

System 7.5 expanded the control panel. Below the date setting appeared a new option -- Time Zone -- which did away with readjusting the time (manually, using the up-and-down arrow switches in the Time pane) just because of a trip from (for example) Beijing to Cairo.

Next to the Time Zone pane, and below the time pane, was an option for the Menubar Clock, a direct descendant of SuperClock!. Not only can it be switched on or off, but it can also have its options and preferences set.

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