Creatures Exodus is a life simulation game for OS X and Windows. The player is given a ship with the eggs of an alien race (the norns) on it, and it is the player's job to raise the norns as the player sees fit. Each norn has their own unique personality and 'digital DNA'.

Creatures Exodus is a recompilation of Creatures 3 and Docking Station, including the following breeds:

Creatures Exodus superseded Creatures Internet Edition/Creatures Gold, which did not include the Harlequin or Fallow breeds. You may need the Creatures Remastered Patch to make this game work with addon packs designed for previous games. Creatures Exodus and Creatures Village are the first games in the Creatures series to be ported to the Macintosh since 1996.

Did you know? Kutoka Interactive released a version of Creatures Exodus for Mac OS X and Windows on September 30th 2005. The game is currently available from their online boutique.<div style="clear: both" /> The version of the game published by Fusion Interactive is PC only.

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