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A Control Panels folder in Mac OS 8

The Control Panels folder is a folder in the root level of the System Folder on a Classic Mac OS Macintosh as of System 7. It holds all control panels.

If a user drags a control panel (CDEV) onto the System Folder, the system will automatically offer to place it in the Control Panels folder.

As of System 7.5, an additional folder, the Control Panels (disabled) folder, appears. Its purpose is only as a storage bay for control panels the user has elected to deactivate, either by means of the Extension Manager, or by manually dragging the control panel into this folder.

Control panels not in the Control Panels folder do not load upon system startup; however, a number of system settings set by the control panels are kept regardless of the actual panel's location. These settings are stored in parameter RAM (PRAM).

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