The Classic panel of System Preferences was around with Mac OS X since the very beginning, even in the Public Beta. It manages all options related to the Classic environment.

As of Mac OS X 10.4, this pane is no longer present in new computers unless Classic is installed from a CD. With the Intel-based Macintosh computers of January 2006, this pane was history -- no Intel-based Mac is capable of supporting Classic.

Mac OS X Public Beta

Nothing more than a clickable list, where the user could select a volume with Mac OS 9 installed, and a checkbox which enabled Classic to start automatically upon login (Start up Classic on login to this computer), were present in the version that accompanied Mac OS X Public Beta.

System Preferences panels SystemPreferences

.Mac | Accounts | Appearance | Bluetooth | Classic | CDs & DVDs | ColorSync | Dashboard & Exposé | Date & Time | Desktop | Desktop & Screen Saver | Displays | Dock | Energy Saver | Exposé | General | Ink | International | Internet | iTools | Keyboard | Keyboard & Mouse | Login | Monitors | Mouse | My Account | Network | Password | Print & Fax | QuickTime | Screen Effects | Screen Saver | Security | Sharing | Software Update | Sound | Speech | Spotlight | Startup Disk | Universal Access | Users

Notes: Items in bold indicate panels of System Preferences which still exist today (Mac OS X 10.4). Items in italics are only available if the corresponding peripheral or software is installed. This list does not include third-party preference panels.

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