Example of a composite microscopy image layout produced with ClarisDraw. Six images obtained from a confocal microscope were aligned and overlayed with labels.

ClarisDraw was the final incarnation of MacDraw, one of the early Macintosh applications. Development of Apple's drawing program ended in 1997 when Claris was dismembered.

ClarisDraw supports very large file sizes and allows very fine control of both objects (text boxes, arrows, etc) and bit mapped paint boxes. The image to the right shows a composite of six microscopy images with added labels.

ClarisDraw supports the printing of large files to laser printers and other types of high resolution color printers.

ClarisDraw runs flawlessly under Mac OS 9. The screenshot below shows ClarisDraw running in the Classic Environment under Mac OS X. Some of the pull-off menus of ClarisDraw are illustrated, including a color palette and tools for alighment of objects and arrows.

EazyDraw can open ClarisDraw files.


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