Camino is a web browser for Mac OS X based on Mozilla. It replaces Mozilla's XUL-based user interface with a native Cocoa implementation. Camino doesn't include Mozilla's email or composer components; it concentrates on the providing "just the browser" by embedding Mozilla's Gecko layout engine in a lightweight application.

The latest version is 0.8.2, released December 6, 2004. While it is still in a development state, Camino is stable and fast enough to be the default browser of choice for a growing community of users.

The browser was previously known as Chimera. Its name was changed on March 3, 2003 due to legal issues.

Because of its roots in Greek mythology, "Chimera" has been a popular choice of name for hypermedia systems. One of the first graphical web browsers was called Chimera; researchers at the University of California, Irvine have also developed a complete hypermedia system of the same name.

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