Beijing is the capital city of the People's Republic of China.

Macintosh History in Beijing

Apple in Beijing

Apple Offices

Apple offices in Beijing are located on the 9th floor of New China Insurance Tower, on Jianguomen Outer Street in Beijing (effective May 1, 2005).. They used to be located on the 17th floor of Full Link Plaza, on Chaoyangmen Outer Street in Beijing. (朝阳门外大街 丰联广场十七层)

Public Presence

Once considered rare, Apple advertisements now appear in many places in town, most of them promoting the iPod.

Stores in Beijing

There are 3 AppleCentres (苹果专卖店), 2 Apple Experience Centres (苹果体验中心) and numerous Apple Authorised Retailers (苹果授权经销商) in Beijing.

Macintosh user groups in Beijing

There is a loosely organised Macintosh user group, MacFans Beijing, and a more rigidly organised Beijing Macintosh User Group (北京麦金塔用户会). Among other groups are China Final Cut User Group and AppleFans Association of Peking University (北大苹果电脑爱好者协会).


  • Air: Beijing Airport is 20 km to the northeast of the city and can be reached via the Airport Expressway.
  • Road: 9 existing and 6 projected expressways link to central Beijing from other parts of the municipality and from all over the nation.
  • Rail: There are two major railway stations, Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station.