The Application Switcher is a floating palette in Mac OS 8.5 through Mac OS 9.2.2 that was created when you, literally, tore off the Application menu away from the menu bar.

The Application Switcher can be resized or re-oriented (it can appear horizontally and vertically), and the size of the buttons can be made larger or smaller. It can also be made into an icon-only palette.

Use of the Application Switcher requires the Application Switcher extension.

Using the Application Switcher

  • Drag it off from the Application menu to put it onto your desktop.
  • Position your mouse pointer just inside the right edge of any application tile and click and drag to change the width of the tiles. Drag it to the far left to hide the application names.
  • Option-click the zoom box on the right-hand corner of the palette (second-rightmost button) to display large, 32x32 pixel icons. Option-click again to restore the small icon view.
  • Option-shift-click the zoom box to make the palette run horizontally instead of vertically. Option-click again to restore it to its default, vertical orientation.
  • You can combine any of the above to change your Application Switcher into a horizontal row of big buttons without its names showing.
  • Click the collapse box (the rightmost button on the right-hand corner of the palette) to collapse it so that only the title bar is showing. Click again to reveal the entire palette.
  • Click the close box to close the floating palette.

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