The Apple Store is Apple Inc.'s online shop. All of Apple's product lines are carried as well as select brands of accessories for its products. It is owned and operated by Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California. Besides the online store-front, items from the store can be ordered by phone.

Products Sold

  • Third Party Software made for Mac OS, such as design software by Macromedia, games, utilities, and pretty much anything new that has been released for Mac OS X.
  • Select Third Party Accessories for Apple products, ranging from carrying cases for Apple notebooks and iPod sleeves to speakers, printers, scanners, memory upgrades, and digital cameras.

Also available are Apple Instant Loans for when you can't quite afford your purchase, as well as gift certificates to both the Apple Store and the iTunes Music Store. It offers automatic online discounts to "educational" users which include both faculty and students of higher education, and faculty of K-12 schools. In short, if its Apple branded or works well with Apple products, you can find it at the Apple store.

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