450px-Apple Store Carrousel du Louvre

One of the Apple buildings. DO NOT BE FOOLED. This is not where the Apple Event is taking place.

This event was hosted by Apple in March 2012. Announcements included iOS 5.1, the iPad 3 and the iPad Mini. It is believed to be called "Its Show Time".

Things Released

During the March 2012 event, many things were announced and released. Below are the products that were released/updated:

iPad 3: The iPad 3 was released at this event (or as Apple Inc. calls it, the new iPad). The new iPad featured a new Retina Display and a new A5X Dual-core prossesor with quad-core graphics.

iOS 5.1: A brand new version of iOS was also released. This new version was mainly released to go with the brand new iPad 3 and the new Apple TV, but it still had some other features not just for the new iPad. Below are some new features included in iOS 5.1 (credit to Wikipedia

Initial release on iPad (3rd generation).

App Store download limit over 3G increased from 20 to 50 MB.

"Sleep iPod" function in clock application changed to "Stop Playing", this function also works for applications other than Music.

Redesigned Camera app (iPad).

Camera shortcut on lock screen now always present, and has a new slide-up gesture to activate (iPhone and iPod Touch 4th generation only).

Face detection and video stabilization. (iPhone 4S & iPad (3rd generation) only).

Camera face detection now highlights all detected faces (iPhone 4S & iPad (3rd generation) only).

License column added under the About menu.

Improved Location Services.

Minor UI changes in Maps.

Fixed slowdown when changing to landscape (Cover Flow) in Music app.

Shake-to-shuffle bug fix, which previously caused the Music app to freeze.

Smart playlists bug fix.

Genius Mixes and Genius playlists for iTunes Match subscribers.

Podcast controls for playback speed and a 30 second rewind (iPad).

Baseband updates for some devices.

Carrier updates (e.g. AT&T 12.0, Verizon 12.0).

4G icon shown when on AT&T's HSPA+ network (iPhone 4S only)

Fixes iPhone 4S support for Caller ID Name Display (on supported carriers – e.g. Rogers & Fido in Canada).

Possible fix to Outgoing Call No Audio (OCNA) issue.[citation needed]

Restores the 3G switch on iPhone 4S

Combined Voice/Data Roaming Switch on iPhone.

Photos can now be deleted from Photo Stream.

Safari address bar now has "Go to this address" instead of a blank bar

Bookmarks list no longer automatically displayed on browser opening if there are no open pages in Safari.

A string format exploit in an application named racoon that allowed executing unsigned code at boot-up is fixed.

An ROP exploit that allowed executing payloads vnimage is now fixed.

A flaw that was executed by mounting a maliciously crafted disk image and may lead to a device shutdown or arbitrary code execution is now fixed.

A logic issue with debug system calls that could bypass sandbox restrictions is fixed.

Webkit security updates.

A format string vulnerability existed in the handling of racoon configuration files (VPN) is now fixed.

CFNetwork security updates.

Enhanced Siri dictation support during text input "on supported devices" (iPhone 4S in 2011, The New iPad [unofficially the iPad 3] in 2012).

Japanese language support for Siri (availability was limited during initial rollout).

Audio for TV shows and movies on iPad optimized to sound louder and clearer. Setup Assistant bug fix.

Attempts at fixing battery life; results were mixed.

Bluetooth status bar indicator bug fix.

Improved Assistive Touch.

Fixed bug that allowed nested folders (folders within folders), including Newsstand.

Fixed bug that caused stuck keys on Apple Bluetooth Keyboards during wakeup from low power states.

Redesigned fonts for few non-Latin languages

Rumored Products to be Released

Before the March 2012 presentation, rumors spread across the Internet about some of the "claimed" products that would be announced during the March event. Below are some of the rumors:

iPad Mini: It was rumored that a small iPad Mini would be released at this event, however, this was not the case. It is unknown if Apple will ever make an iPad Mini.

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