The AppleCD Audio Player is an application programme, commonly found under the Apple menu, that came on Macintosh computers with a CD-ROM drive built-in as of System 7.

Its main utilities, beyond just playing a music CD, lies also in how the music is played. It can shuffle tracks, and you can even create your own playlist.

The user can choose different tracks, choose whether the music should play once from beginning to end, or repeat, or shuffle, and even a playlist can be created and one song be played multiple times in the playlist.

The utility is also one of the earliest utilities that can support different "colour skins".

The AppleCD Audio Player was eventually replaced by the far more superior iTunes, which arrived in January 2001.

The AppleCD Audio Player has disappeared beginning with Mac OS X. iTunes has officially taken over, although the Mac OS X Public Beta once featured a short-lived app, Music Player, that played CDs as well as MP3s.