AliasMenu is a control panel by Benoît Widemann which enables quick access to applications and documents by adding a menu (or multiple menus) to the Apple menu.

The control panel allows users to create a folder which, in functionality, is identical to the Apple Menu Items folder in the System Folder. The concept behind this is to let users add any item into the folder, which is then available in a new menu on the menu bar. Think of this as the Apple menu -- without the About This Macintosh... command.

New Menus

AliasMenu can accommodate up to nine new menus, which can exist before or after the Finder's Special menu. The folders are named n.Menu name, where n. is a number between 1 and 9, and the menu name is placed immediately after the dot (no whitespace!).

These folders are located inside the AliasMenu Items folder on the root level of the System Folder. Inside this folder are the individual menu folders.

Startup Delay

When AliasMenu launches, it first permits the Finder to complete loading. This way, any alias files the user has created can be resolved. This is only relevant if the Finder is launching additional volumes, such as networked volumes. Increasing the number in the Startup Delay option field creates a more complete menu, but can increase startup time. If the Finder launches relatively quickly, the number can be shrunk all the way down to the minimal setting (4 cycles).

Icons in the Menu Bar

Should a folder have a custom icon, the custom icon is shown in the menu bar instead of the folder name. In fact, a combination of the two -- icons and text -- can perfectly well exist.

Command-Key Shortcuts

For any item inside the individual AliasMenu menu folders, a command-key combination can be created by adding a slash and a letter to the end of the name.

Note: AliasMenu does not check for duplicates or for conflicts with other keyboard commands (e.g. command-I for Get Info).

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