In 2001

  • iTunes 2 was released.
  • The first official Apple retail store was opened up in Virginia and California.
  • Mac OS X is released in March 2001. Mac OS X replaced Mac OS, and Mac OS X is based on NeXT's operating system, NeXTStep. It is released under the name as "Mac OS X v10.0".
  • The iPod Classic is announced in October 2001, and is officially released in November.
  • Apple buys Spruce Technology in July. Spruce Technology was a DVD authoring company.
  • Apple debuts the iBook G3 Dual USB Snow in California. 2 years later, they would be discontinued.
  • The PowerBook G4 Titanium is released.
  • The iMac is released in 2 different colors: Indigo and Flower Power
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